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Atlantis Air Press Three Tap Bottled Water Dispenser

Atlantis is a leading brand of Water Dispensers in India. Having been in business for over 25 years, we have a presence across the length and breadth of India.

The Atlantis range of hot and cold bottled water dispensers have gained immense popularity across India and are the preferred choice among small and large industrial establishments, as well as all types of corporates and offices.

The Air Press range of Touchless Water Dispensers from Atlantis promote comfort, case, hygiene and safety. The Air Press range works on the concept of “Touchless” or finger distance dispensing, which means that a user can get water by just keeping their finger one inch away from the sensors on these machines.

The Air Press series of water dispensers have some unique features which make it the most versatile machine for your home and office

Steady flow or On/Off mode

The user get to choose whether placing your hand/finger in from of the sensor button would result in continuous flow (dispense as long as the finger is present) or On/Off mode. In the latter mode the water is dispensed when the finger is sensed and stops when the finger is sensed a second time. Sense to Start and sense to Stop!

Child Lock

This features (when enabled) ensures that the user has to show his finger/hand twice in front of the hot water sensor button to dispense the hot water. Especially useful in the case when the machine is installed at a residence with children. Avoid accidental dispensing of hot water at 85 C which can burn the hand. This feature can be enabled or disabled by the user.

Dispense volume adjustor

The user has the option of adjusting the quantity of water dispensed at one time (long or short dispensing) by himself. Two quantities are preset and the user can program the machine to choose either of them. Prevents wastage of water and allows dispensing with single sensor operation. The machine comes in the long dispense mode by default.

Air Press BWD Models

The Atlantis Air Press is available in three models :

water dispenser

Floor Standing

water dispenser

Floor Standing with cooling cabinet

water dispenser

Table Top



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