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Air Press Touchless Tea and Coffee Vending Machines and Water Dispensers for Home and Commercial Establishments

Atlantis is among the leading brands of Air press water dispenser and Hot Beverage Dispensers in India. Having been in business for over 25 years,we have a distribution network spread across the length and breadth of India. Our dispensers are ideal for small offices and large corporate establishments, cafeterias & canteens at hospitals, schools & colleges and for shops and other types of commercial establishments.

The Air Press Range of Touchless Water Dispensers and Vending Machines from Atlantis is introduced to promote Comfort, Ease, Hygiene and Safety. The  AIR PRESS range works on the concept of “Touchless” or finger distance dispensing, which means that a user can get his/her favorite drink by just keeping their finger one inch away from the sensors on these machines. The Atlantis Air Press Water Dispenser are available in 3 variants i.e. Table Top, Floor Standing and Floor Standing with Cooling Cabinet (Fridge).

The water dispensers have 3 taps and can dispense Hot, Cold and Normal water. The Atlantis Air Press Tea & Coffee Vending Machines are available in 3 Variants i.e. 2/3/4 Lane. Lane signifies the number of different type of hot beverages that can be dispensed from these vending machines. For E.g. 2 lane vending machines can dispenser two different Hot Beverages. These vending machines use Instant Tea and Coffee Premix for making tea and coffee.To complement your vending machines we have our own range of Tea and Coffee Premixes, under the brand names AMAZON and Atlantis. These 3-in-1 Instant Tea and Coffee premixes are a blendof tea or coffee, milk and sugar. Choose from our popular cardamom, ginger and masala tea premixes or from the other variants on offer. Or use dairy whitener along with a tea bag of your choice. Packed in 1kg sachets, these premixes are made using best quality ingredients in our ISO22000:2018 certified manufacturing facility incorporating the latest technologies.